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Immortal Vegas Series by Jenn Stark

8:48 PMApril Clements

This series is absolutely amazing! The series heroine Sara Wilde aka Sariah is in the same league as Kate Daniels, Charley Davidson, the kick ass ladies from the Lord's of the Underworld series. She's funny/not funny type of girl. She knows her mind and speaks it too. There is a sort of romance but it's a slow burn. Since im only just starting on book 4 I don't know where it's going or of it will continue. The romance is secondary to the story. This is urban fantasy/fiction. So there is magic and people who are called "Connecteds". They are psychics. Some good, some bad. Then there is a mystery group of super powerful immortal Connecteds/demi-gods Called the council. They are each a major Arcana character. Death, The Fool, The Emperor & Empress, The Magician, The hierophant (who happens to be the arch angel Micheal), Ect.... We readers haven't been introduced to all them yet because they don't have a full council at present. Sara is a connected. She's uses her deck of tarot cards to find ancient artifacts. Some magical and some mundane. She's kind of mercenary. She will take on any job except jobs from people who are involved in human trafficking. 10 years ago she used to use her skills to find missing children but after a terrible tragedy she ran away and changed her name and never looked back. But the past has a way of catching up to you. And hers has. She's also caught the attention of the council. In particular The Magician when he hired her to find a artifact for him. He and the few remaining council members know there is something more to Sara. She's special. She can do things the council can't do since their whole purpose is to keep Magic in Balance. They don't interfere in human affairs. But Sara can and they paying her well enough. The world building is incredible. The series is called Immortal Vegas but the story takes you around the world. Paris, Prague, Shanghai, Japan, Hell and even Atlantis. Though Atlantis is a actually in a different dimension that has been pushed back in time. Hell is not the traditional Hell. It's a Hell of your own making. The details about the different places Sara visits on her journeys are so detailed you can imagine yourself there. I've been to Vegas so to read about the places I've been is really neat. The author does a wonderful job of describing it. I definitely recommend you put this on you To Be Read ASAP list. It's been a long time since a series has had me hooked like this one has. There's so many twist and turns and you think you have it figured out but you really don't.

The first book is free on Amazon! Grab it while you can. 

You can find the full series here There's a total of 8 books so far. I'm now starting book 5 so I don't know if the story continues past book 8. We will see. 

Happy Reading!!! I promise this series will not disappoint!

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